5 Best Volunteer Jobs to Contribute to Society

Reflect for a moment and ask how does a volunteer job makes any sense when money is the oil that fuels your living. Cash allows you to buy both the things that you need and want. 

Doing a job pro bono seems to be a futile venture. It’s even pointless, if not ridiculous, to think about rendering a work that doesn’t have a monetary value. Correct? While it is right to some extent, that doesn’t mean volunteering is utter nonsense. 

While money keeps the economy spinning around, it doesn’t mean it is everything.

As humans, we are deeply rooted in humanity and doing good for the sake of joy, feeling great, and helping others. 

Although the value of offering your labor without any financial exchange isn’t quantifiable, the merits you get from it are more fulfilling and longer-lasting. They translate to kindness, compassion, and heroism. 

You might not get paid for your free service, but the self-respect and influence that you get from it will have far more reaching effect on your character, wisdom, and to humanity. 

If a stroke of selflessness struck you, consider lending a hand to the benefit of the marginalized members of society. It may not look easy, but if you look around, the opportunities are already right before you. 

1. Pass on your knowledge. 

Conduct tutorials for free. Share your skills to any group of people who have the same passion as yours. 

Set them up regularly. Ask them to return the favor by doing the same thing without asking for any fee. In this way, passing on the knowledge and skills continues to go on without money getting involved. 

What you can share can be from any craft that you know. Create a structured lesson plan. 

You do not have to do in-person. Virtual learning is becoming a thing now. Put the lesson in the video recording if you can’t afford to do it physically. 

2. Send one to school. 

Doing a volunteer job doesn’t demand that you deliver physical labor yourself. 

So, instead of mulling over how you can offer without any financial favor, how about sending one to school? And before looking over the fence, start with your family or relatives. 

Start with one and support all out. To ensure that it turns out well, screen the potential diligently. 

While you are kind enough to commit yourself to this responsibility, please do not give it away. It would be best if you bestowed it to someone who deserves the assistance. Grant it to someone willing to work hard for it. So, carefully pick one who is trustworthy, talented, and humble. Arrogance is the last thing you want from anyone. 

3. Voluntarily pledge a small fraction of your income to the charitable organization that you support. 

This isn’t a requirement and should be done out of your willingness. Why this may sound harsh at first, remember that the point is to volunteer for a cause that doesn’t bear any monetary benefits on your end of the stick. 

By pledging some of your salaries, you keep your time and maintain your schedule while returning the gratitude in the form of financial support. 

Before you engage yourself in this, you must have entirely made up your mind. While it will not lock you into a term, you are expected to pledge for some time. Do not be alarmed, though, as you can get out of it anytime. 

4. Conduct a regular feeding program. 

Back in the day, we used to do it on a bi-weekly basis after a mass of Sunday afternoons. It was a family tradition. We would gather in our family before the weight so that we can prepare sandwiches for kids. It was gratifying. Not only did we get to hang out, but we were also able to exert our physical efforts for something as unique as preparing snacks for churchgoers’ kids. 

Now, on your part, the setting doesn’t have to be the church. You can hold it in the parks on the weekend. While it doesn’t have to be frequent, you must make it regular so that the crowd can get the rhythm. 

5. Initiate a physical fitness organization. 

Akin to the fourth, if feeding isn’t your cup of tea, you can start a non-profit group that caters to fitness enthusiasts. Spearhead workout and activities. Do it on a regular frequency. The idea is to concoct an event that people will look forward to attend.

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