Calgary Visit – A Trip You Should Never Miss!

You will find yourself on some of the best roads on the nation when you drive down to Calgary, Alberta. Beautiful mesmerizing canola fields will surround you for hours, and a surprise awaits at the end. The fields view melts into a new scene of high rises and bridges. The Calgary tower is well-noted miles away, and shortly after, the “Welcome to Calgary” sign is well visible.

The breathtaking view continues throughout the city, and the unique architecture and shops grasp your attention. It has your modern malls, and it has cozy farmers markets. It has your old buildings, and it has the modern skyscrapers. It keeps you excited for day after day, and to even keep you more on edge, the morning life is only a fraction of what Calgary offers.

The city has a great nightlife. Its bars, restaurants, and Stephen avenue will keep your mind off everything but the enjoyment. The restaurants, lighting, and street musicians can entertain you for hours. The shops tend to stay open until later into the night, and bars tend to stay open well after midnight. Expect to come across some of the well-known bars in the city!

We stayed at Le Germain hotel located in the heart of downtown Calgary. The concierges were welcoming and friendly. They go that extra mile, ensuring the guests are comfortable upon their arrival. Our special dinner was at CHARCUT Roast House, located in the lobby of Le Germain hotel.

The CHARCUT brisket was braised and sous-vied, making the most tender meat that just came apart with such ease. It complimented the creamy polenta, which was served with the brisket. The steak was precut and it was served with salad with carrots. The dish’s surprise was the pickles made in house and whose vinegar did not overpower the salad and tasted beautiful with the richness of the meat.

You have the town of Banff that’s about an hour drive to the west of Calgary. Grab your earl gray tea and get ready for special moments. Deer, rabbits, and a wide variety of other creatures are right around the corner, literally! Driving into Banff, you are engulfed by the majestic Rocky Mountains whose peaks reach into the clouds.

Entering into the town of Banff, roads once again change into buildings, but this time it’s a much different view than Calgary’s downtown. You get that special local and cozy vibe. The main strip offers local handcrafted souvenirs and a wide range of adventures. This is a must-visit town if you’re into sightseeing, kayaking, hiking, or fishing.

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