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Most Popular Painting Styles – 6+ Styles

Painting is among the most common forms of visual arts. It is everywhere. It is nothing out of the ordinary to find one from the confines of museums to the walls and roads on the streets to the ceilings of historical halls.  It has been a part of the history of the arts. They had… Read more »

4 Tips on How to Select the Right Picture Frame

Everything is digitized now, and photos are no exemption to this trend. Social media is the new place where you can display your pictures for everyone to see. Sharing them online is a heck easier and quicker, almost in real-time.  In today’s world of smartphones and social media, it seems pointless to have to frame… Read more »

4 Types of Art that Sells Most

People nowadays have been into art more than ever. As technology evolves, so does the different kinds of art. Before, we only know about painting, drawing, and sculpture. Now anything we see is considered as art. No matter how complicated or straightforward the thing that we are seeing, it is considered as art. People buy… Read more »

4 Steps to Become an Artist

You may have wondered what it’s like to be an artist, and now looking for steps to become an artist. Artists see the world differently, and most of them express their perspective through the means of art. You should note that being an artist is a lot more than just having regular creativity. An artist… Read more »