Tips on How to Ask for a Raise

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Getting a raise is one of the happiest moments in our lives. It will boost our confidence in our work, and as a result, we will work harder to show the superiors that we are worth it. But there are some companies want their employees to work for their raises by asking them. It may sound intimidating, but yes, there are a lot of companies who are doing this most, especially if there is a battle between two good employees.

If you are one of those candidates for a raise, here are some tips for you.

  1. Show them your accomplishments – Giving your best to the company is one of the reasons why you should get a raise. The company gained benefits from all of your efforts. Thanks to you, you were able to push the company a bit forward to become something even better.
  2. Proactively communicate about your successes – Bragging is different from teaching. Bragging is where you collect everything and brag everything all at once. If you gained an achievement, it is best to share only one or two of it. And share the success as a team that you lead. There are a lot of people misunderstood the difference between the two.
  3. Show them that you deserve the raise – For you to show them that you deserve the raise, show them that you are doing good and exceed their expectations of you on your job. Employers love initiative and hard work. This will show that you are doing your job well and can win their decision to give you the raise. 
  4. Do your research – There are times when you are pitching your reason why you need to have a raise your employer or your boss will ask how much you would like to have. Because if you ask too little, you are belittling yourself, but if you ask too much, you think highly of yourself. There are a lot of online raise calculations that you can look up to so that you will know the exact amount that you deserve. We are not talking about rounded up figures here, but the precise amount of your employers will know your value. 
  5. Talk about the future – Never forget to mention that your raise will also give a massive benefit to the company. You are extra motivated to do more on your job, and the more you do it, the more the company will benefit from you. 
  6. Set goals and ask for their feedback – Setting futuristic goals and ask for feedback. This will help your heads know where you are. The goal that you made will help you become a better employee and can help you maintain your position. Listening to their feedbacks and applying their feedbacks will mean that you are a good follower. This will also help them give you the raise that you deserve. That is if you are doing well with your pitching. 
  7. Show them that you are worth the raise – Before pitching your request for an increase, show them that you are worth it. Be consistent with what you are doing, and make sure to surprise them by exceeding their expectations of you. 
  8. Practice your pitch – Practicing your pitch before facing your boss will help you be aware of the possible questions that they might ask. And you should be prepared on what to answer firmly and confidently. 
  9. And prepare for the worse just in case – Not everyone will get the raise that they want to get. And it is also best to be ready for it. Just in case you don’t get the raise, thank your bosses for their time to listen to what you have. Also, be grateful that you are still a part of their company.

Everyone who works hard deserves a raise. This can help you financially and motivate you to do even better at the job that you are doing. There are many things you need to go through for your bosses to see that you are worth it. Just be consistent with what you are doing and exceed their expectations by doing the best you can on your job. 

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